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Trusted Metro Denver Service Providers

In my real estate business,  I notice my clients' needs go far beyond the closing table, so I decided to build a referral directory of trusted local service providers, in order to be a resource to my friends and clients, beyond simply real estate.  This page is a compellation of my personal recommendations as well as those of my most trusted friends.  You will find a printable version HERE.

"My goal is to be a resource before, during and long after closing!"

Arborist/Tree Removal

Cova Tree

(720) 600-2682


Attorney - Family

Ian Shea - Heckenbach Law

(303) 858-8000

Carpet Cleaner

STC Carpet Care

(303) 424-6077


Justin Ortiz

(720) 352-8656

Financial Planner

Jeff Campbell

(720) 413-0934

Flooring Specialist

Stay tuned...


Sandie Yannes

Perfect Petal

(303) 480-0966

Functional Wellness MD/Plastic Surgeon/ Aesthetician 

Dr. Tanya Atagi

(303) 327-7300

Functional Wellness PA


(all things aging well)

Susan Eichorst

Besana Wellness

(303) 327-7300

General Contractor

Tamara Butler

Inspired Designs & Construction

(303) 517-5874


Eric Farrell

(303) 551-3228


Mac's Maintenance - Highlands Ranch Office

(720) 545-6307

House Cleaner

Teresa Anaya

(310) 621-6105


Jason Olejniczak Arrowhead Inspections

(720) 725-2676

Insurance Agent

Kyle Semler

Colorado Insurance

(303) 513-6898

Interior Designer

Gretchen Farrell


Ranger Stuckey

Sustainable Roots Landscape Company

(307) 431-6685


Patrick Berger

Owner Jack's Garage

(303) 791-9191

7050 Peterson Road Sedalia, Colorado 80135

Mortgage Consultant

Molly Manley, Streamline (720) 577-4371

Shannon Dahman, Peak Lending (303) 688-8628

Moving Company

Homegrown Moving

(303) 587-6200


Dr. Simonson Highlands Ranch Target

Office Manager Alla Veremeychik

(303) 791-1984

Personal Trainer

Natalie Russel

(303) 345-1561


Autumn Burke Photography

(720) 344-0710


Physical Therapist

Dr. Kyle Primeau

(303) 901-9725


Paul Turner

Clear Choice Plumbing & Heating LLC

(720) 938-1554

Roofing Contractor

Ryan Campbell Bluebird Roofing 

(303) 570-8241 - call for free consultation

Seamstress -Custom Draperies & Home Accents

Pamela Nicol

(720) 384-8656

Spray Tan Artist (Mobile)

Stephanie Wolff

(303) 810-0322

Tile Setter

Bill Dixon

(720) 755-1761


Lisa Ostravich

(303) 525-7155

Wedding Planner

Amber Fairbanks

Banks & Leaf

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