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Customer satisfaction is the heart of my business.  Serving my clients to facilitate a higher level of joy and satisfaction means everything to me.  

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As you consider which person will walk with you through the home buying process, let me urge you to look no further than Gretchen Farrell at West + Main Homes. Gretchen brings a personal touch to everything she does. She makes you feel seen and heard. Gretchen is meticulous in her approach so you know little details won’t be missed. You want the biggest purchase of your life, a house, to be managed by someone who cares about the home you will create there. Gretchen is that person.

Meghan St. Clair


When purchasing a home, it is important to find the right partner to support and guide you through the process.  Someone who can see the vision of your home and the life you will build in it.  Someone who will help you realize that vision, and who will advocate fiercely on your behalf.  Gretchen Farrell with West + Main Homes is that partner.  She is someone who cares deeply for others.  She is thorough, thoughtful, and kind.  She is a big-picture thinker who also manages the details.  She gives her all to everything she does, and you can feel that when you are with her.  I cannot think of a better person to work with when buying a home. 

SallyAnn Pier


Gretchen really gets to know your clients so she can really match them up with the right home. I felt so listened to and supported in things I have no idea how to do!! Gretchen has a great eye!  She also spoiled me with beautiful personal gifts!

Leslie Maniotes


I have ALWAYS admired Gretchen! She continues to successfully pursue ways to contribute to this world in new authentic creative awe-inspiring ways both in her professional and her personal life.
She is sure to have many customers feeling blessed to have her alongside them in their journey to finding their new home! There is no doubt she is on her way to being a top performer at West and Main Homes.

Jennifer Russell

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