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Service Charges

Pricing for my services are very straightforward.  I charge a 10% design fee and 20% designer mark-up for all goods and services.  I pass along my designer discount whenever it is extended to me.  This typically ranges from 10-50% before I mark it up.  I am very transparent with my pricing and provide detailed receipts with my invoices.  I have an extensive list of insured and vetted trades people that do beautiful work for me. 

Budget Information

 Whether you need help with one room or an entire home - I am excited to consider any project!  Who sets the budget?  YOU!!  I will present initial as well as ongoing estimates for your approval throughout the project.

What can you expect from me?

Inevitably there will be a surprise, a glitch or a needed redo.  You can expect me to be a calm neutral problem solver.  I demand fairness for you and I promise to make it right.  In addition you can expect honesty and a partner in celebration!  Above all you can expect to feel delighted in your new space!

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